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Many of our products come with a lifetime limited warranty; however warranty may vary from one manufacturer to another so ask your sales representative once you have chosen your preferred item. ANCRO guarantees its workmanship for one year from date of completion.

Time for installation will vary depending upon the scope and size of the job but approximately 98% of jobs we do are completed in 8 hours or less.

First, measure the width of your door opening from inside jamb to inside jamb. Then, measure the height of the opening from the concrete to the inside of the header. This will give you a rough idea of the door size you need. Also measure from the floor to the finished ceiling (or lowest point of ceiling) to determine headroom. Headroom is important when installing a garage door.

If you have an automatic opener, no, the opener acts as a lock when the door is shut but if you have a manually operated door and you are concerned about security it is a good idea to have a lock installed. ANCRO offers interior slide locks or exterior keyed locks to fit your individual needs.Toggle Content goes here

No, effective 1/1/2011, garage doors no longer qualify for the Federal Energy Tax Credit, but a well-insulated garage door can help stabilize temperatures in the garage to reduce heat losses or gains. Depending on the specifics of the home, an energy efficient garage door can help keep an unheated garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer on a cold winter day. Garage door upgrades rank in the top 3 for return on investment upgrades to your home.

To get maximum performance and life out of your door it’s important to lubricate the hinges, rollers, bearing plates, and springs at least once every six months. Ask your sales representative what to use and how to use it or we can do the job for you.

In most cases the answer is yes. Be sure to ask your sales representative.

More and more later model cars are coming equipped with a Home Link System. The good news is the technology in new garage door openers will accept programming from your car’s system. In rare cases it is necessary to have the manufacturer of your vehicle send you what is called a “repeater” which we can wire to your new operator. This will allow your system to work in the event that it won’t accept programming on its own. However, most of the time we’ve found this not to be the case.

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